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This is Outburn's canonical root URL (http://fhir.outburn.co.il) used in our FHIR artifacts.
Conformance resources published by Outburn will have canonical URL's under this address.
The FHIR artifacts are mainly created as part of our FHIR projects in Israel and is based on the FHIR R4 Specification.

FHIR Extensions

Issue regards

FHIR Profiles

JCPM Condition - Delivery Diagnoses

JCPM Condition - NewBorn Diagnoses

JCPM Condition - Past Mother Diagnoses

JCPM Condition - Pregnancy Diagnoses

JCPM Condition - Umbilical Cord Complications

JCPM Encounter - Birth

JCPM Encounter - Delivery

JCPM Encounter - Pregnancy

JCPM Observation - Delivery

JCPM Observation - Head Circumference

JCPM Observation - NewBorn Body Weight

JCPM Observation - NewBorn Findings

JCPM Observation - Blood Pressure

JCPM Observation - Pregnancy Findings

JCPM Observation - Pregnancy History

JCPM Observation - Pregnancy Summary

JCPM Observation - Umbilical Cord

JCPM Patient - Child

JCPM Patient - Mother

JCPM Procedure - Birth

JCPM Procedure - Complication Treatment

JCPM Procedure - Delivery Procedures

JCPM Procedure - Delivery

JCPM Procedure - NewBorn Complication Treatment

JCPM RelatedPerson


Clinical Findings ? Yes/Suspected

Clinical Findings ? Positive/Negative

Clinical Findings ? Detection Flag

JCPM Pregnancy Outcome

JCPM Method of Induced Abortion

JCPM Pregnancy Hospitalization Type

JCPM Pregnancy Diagnoses

JCPM Pregnancy Findings

JCPM Delivery Procedures

JCPM Delivery Procedure - Medications

JCPM Delivery Method Category

JCPM Method of Delivery

JCPM Delivery Complication Treatment

JCPM Delivery Complication Treatment - Medications

JCPM Delivery Observation Codes

JCPM Delivery Diagnoses

JCPM Past Mother Diagnoses

JCPM Umbilical Cord Observation Code

JCPM Umbilical Cord Complications

JCPM Encounter Class

JCPM Encounter Status

JCPM Encounter Admit Source

JCPM Condition Clinical Status

JCPM Condition Verification Status

JCPM Observation Interpretation

JCPM Resource Category



JCPM Resource Category


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